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This CIBTAC Electrical Epilation Diploma Course provides high quality training in Electrical Epilation also known as Electrolysis.  This highly skilled treatment is taught on a part time basis and its aim is to enable a candidate to perform a safe and effective form of permanent hair removal to the highest clinical standards. Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal, period.  It is still the only method of hair removal that is approved by the British Medical Association. Electrolysis is suitable for anyone who needs complete and permanent hair removal on any part of the body, regardless of skin tone or hair colour. 

Electrolysis is a field that offers great growth potential, and earning capacity due to an increase in demand within transgender treatment and the growing desire to permanently remove unwanted hair for both women and men. Once you have qualified and have gained some experience you can go on to specialise in advanced techniques such as red vein, skin tag and milia removal.

On this electrolysis course you will be trained in the short-wave diathermy method of hair removal from all areas of the body and face. This qualification requires you to perform practical assessments on a variety of clients.

This course can be taken on a one to one basis with Geraldine McGuigan, please contact the school directly to enquire about the details of Bespoke Electrolysis Training

Entry Requirement

Minimum age for acceptance on to the course is 16. No previous beauty related experience is required. Academic Grades: GCSE English Language grade of C - A*, grades 4 - 9 or equivalent. Proficiency in English language for communication, reading and writing is essential.

Qualification and Professional Insurance

Students who successfully complete the examination will be awarded an internationally recognised CIBTAC diploma at UK Level 3 national standards regulated by Ofqual approved by BABTAC.  

This CIBTAC Diploma will enable graduates to become members of BABTAC (British association of beauty therapy and cosmetology) for insurance and business membership support enabling you to work in the UK, Ireland and oversea in Beauty Salons, Cruise liners, Medi Spa’s Skin Clinics, or setting up your own business.






£190.00 (kit, uniform & books)
Examination Fees:
Start Date:
Wed, 5th February 2025
9.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.

All of our courses are now offered in flexible blended learning as the new teaching mode.  Training involves a combination of theory and practical sessions to include home study and completion of a portfolio and case studies.  Power point slides, homework and quizzes, plus professional practical videos of all our skin care treatments are all available our Learning platform.  Students can use these videos to help practice and study from home.    

All of the practical elements are taught and practiced in the school. The college also offers the opportunity for students to work on models/clients in the School Student Salon, within a a commercial salon environment to allow them to increase their confidence.   

Each student is responsible to provide a suitable model for the practical examination for the mock practical examination and the final examination.

Students will need access to an iPad, Laptop or Computer plus a printer for the duration of the course.

Course Content

Anatomy & Physiology for Electrolysis

  • The Skin Anatomy
  • The Anatomy of the Hair
  • he Cardiovascular System
  • The Lymphatic System
  • The Endocrine System
  • Pathology of above Systems​

CIBTAC Electrical Epilation

  • Theory of Electrolysis
  • Hair Theory
  • Needles & Equipment
  • Causes of Superfluous Hair Growth
  • Temporary Hair Removal Methods
  • Contra-Indications to Treatment
  • Consultation & Skin Analysis
  • Electrolysis, Thermolysis & Blend
  • Practical Electrical Epilation to Face & Body areas
  • Management of hair growth between treatments
  • Aftercare & Homecare

Generic Subjects

  • Health & Hygiene
  • Electricity
  • Business Studies

Course Requirements

The following items are required on this course and are included in the total course cost. If you already possess a tunic, then you may deselect them at the booking stage.

Course Fees Include

  • Uniform
  • Course books & notes
  • Skin care kit & bag
  • Access to online learning platform
  • Access to online practical video

Not Included in Course Fees ​

  • Shoes
  • Cardigan 

Dress Code

To meet Industry standards a professional beauty uniform must be worn at all times. Jewellery must be removed, hair tied up, nails must be short and tidy, and all shoes must be closed toe.


Following successful completion of the Cibtac Level 3 Certificate in Electrical Epilation you will be able to progress to the Cibtac Level 4 Advanced Epilation to remove cutaneous blemishes such as, skin tags, red veins and whiteheads

Students can go on to study in level 3 & 4. 

  • Cibtac Diploma in Body Massage - Level 3
  • Cibtac Diploma in Electrolysis - Level 3
  • Cibtac Diploma in Advanced Epilation - Level 4
  • Cibtac QCF Award in Skin Peeling Treatments - Level 4
  • Cibtac QCF Award Microneedling Treatments - Level 4
  • VTCT Blemish Removal - Level 5
  • VTCT Laser & Intense Pulse LIght (IPL) Treatments - Level 5
  • VTCT Laser Tattoo Removal - Level 5


The Pass Mark for CIBTAC 60%.

  • Practical: 15-30 Minutes
  • Theory: 45 Minute Multiple Choice Paper