Waxing lasts from 4-6 week leaving the skin soft and smooth with reduced hair growth. Choose from our superior hot wax or strip wax for a pain free wax experience.

Hot wax - our pine scented "non-strip wax" has a low melting point, plus the use of a pre-wax oil that provides a moist barrier between the wax and skin and ensures the wax grips the hair & not the skin ensuring no skin lifting or bruising. Hot wax is recommended for small and more intimate areas like the bikini, underarm and face, and is excellent for removing short, stubborn coarse hairs. 

Warm wax - our satin smooth warm wax contains lavender oil and natural honey resin. Strip wax is designed for larger areas like the legs & arms and is applied thinly for extra strong grip, with no skin drag and no sticky residue leaving the skin silky smooth.  

Please browse our treatments below and if you wish to book an appointment call reception on 028 90742659




Full Leg Wax

45 minutes 


Half Leg Wax

20 minutes


Bikini Line Wax

20 minutes


Underarm Wax

20 minutes


Eyebrow Wax

20 minutes


Chin Wax

15 minutes


Lip & Chin Wax

20 minutes


Lip Wax 10 minutes £2.50