Hand Care

From the basic file and polish to the full treatment all of our hand and nail treatments are therapeutic, luxurious and pampering.  Our luxurious spa therapy hand products are specially formulated to increase moisture and improve the condition of the hands and nails whilst helping to delay the signs of ageing. 


Foot Care

Our pedicure range is a complete line of luxurious and aromatic spa strength foot products that target, dry cracked heels, hard-as-stone calluses and achy, tired feet.  These natural botanical-based foot products will soften, slough, buff and moisturise your feet, providing you with instant relief for your tattered tootsies

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Hand and Foot Treatments



Hand Care


Nail File & Paint

Nails are trimmed, shaped and polished with the colour of your choice.


20 minutes 




Nails are trimmed and shaped to the style of your choice, cuticles are conditioned and soaked, hand cream is applied, and nails are finished with a colour of your choice 

45 minutes  £7.00

Delux Manicure

In addition to a basic manicure, you will enjoy a hand exfoliation, used to smooth and moisturise the skin, a deeply moisturising cream massaged in to the hands and luxurious soufflé treatment mask, nails are finished with a colour of your choice.

60 minutes  £10.00

2 Week Manicure

This is a manicure with gel that applies like a polish and cured under LED light, an everlasting manicure will ensure polish stays shiny and chip free for up to 2 week

60 minutes £12.00

Foot Care


Toe File & Paint

Your toenails will be trimmed, filed and shaped finished with polished with the colour of your choice. Please bring open toe shoes.

20 minutes £3.00


Feet are soaked, your toenails will be trimmed and filed, cuticles are treated and conditioned, a disposable foot file is used to remove hard, dead skin, callus control foot cream is applied, nails are finished with a colour of your choice. Please bring open toe shoes.

60 minutes £8.00

Delux Pedicure

A natural organic pedicure and foot treatment, relax your feet in a soothing foot bath, your toe nails will be filed & shaped, cuticles treated, a powerful foot exfoliation and hard skin removal performed, followed by a foot and leg massage, then to condition a callus control foot mask is applied plus heel cream, then the toe nails are finished with polish of your choice. Please bring opened toe shoes.

75 minutes £10.00

Hand and foot treatments upgrades


French Polish - add-on

Nails are trimmed, shaped and painted with the perfect French colour of your choice. For a natural immaculate look.

15 minutes £0.00

Callus Removal

A glycolic treatment is applied to areas of hard skin to dramatically soften callus and hard skin. 

15 minutes £5.00